Oh 33 seconds five survivors goddammit no no what is going on guys I'll be back here so today we're playing brain style and what this game is basically we're a zombie. Any human at different times and when we resume even its in fact human beings and when you're a human we need to protect ourself from becoming a zombie, and I have to say this game is really really really really really really fun let's go, ahead and see if we can find a few people you know, there is there's there's one human right there come on no we lost okay so now we are human. And we need to prevent ourselves from the zombies an outbreak will start in 75 seconds as you can see right above, me and until then we just got to make sure that no zombie reaches us so let's just put this bat in, here so they won't be able to enter this place okay that look basket that's good stop pushing me no don't push. Me nope what I'll know he became zone me and he basically infected, every one of us wow that's awesome so now we're resolved you need to look for people to infect let's see whom we can find we need to. Infect all humans in 87 seconds so yeah we gotta do it fast oh look at that oh these guys are in here that's a.

Cool place is it how do, I get them out here Oh No how do we get these guys out of. Here oh no that's not possible this is so unfair they just block themself in like there's no way we can get to them okay the game. Just ended okay so I'm a human now and I really want to, be human I just want to stay human oh that's a really cool place discover oh looks like everyone wants to, be in let me in let me in no don't push me away no let me in please please please yes yes basically everyone. Wants to be in this place and one of us is gonna become a zombie and just in fact basically everyone so I don't want to. Be here let me go let me go for God's sake just let me go yep I'm gonna die seriously oh how. Did he do that the outbreak is gonna start soon and, we're still trying to figure out that's it that's it just don't don't let them in don't let them in dude don't let. Them in whoa this is intense no don't let them in no no no you cannot enter the try to enter this place oh no no no no no. No no no no no no no no no no no. No no no no no no no no oh whoa we were basically trapped no this dog this dog this stupid dog the stupid dog is no no no. No no no that that it is dead that dude no no whoa whoa whoa I didn't even that. Dog he has a long reach he's like a huge knows that he can just, put in in two places okay so there again hiding at this place it's me for the first time playing this game so I'm really bad. Okay round number I don't know let's just put this stuff here no please please don't enter this place I don't want anybody. To just, enter this place this place in mind god damn it stop don't know this is mine no you cannot you can no you can't I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm the, sole I'm the sole owner / whatever of this place be here okay you wanna in okay whatever he said please. In the chat so okay I just I'll just let him in.

I'm really nice you know look at that huge dude oh no this is young B this is a zombie, okay stop it and stop it and don't let them in don't let him in no Dan what, the hell are you doing just stay there we're gonna get infected or I'm actually on the leaderboard is if you guys can notice oh no user rate six. Four is coming for us no no then then then then no no no. No no yes yes I'm in a really good position yes yes yes no no no 45 seconds no yes no what is going on no aah oh.

My god oh my god no. Oh 33 seconds five survivor Scott Devitt no no no I got I know I got inflicted at last time oh well that was a, really really good round I really enjoyed that one okay let's look for a another safe. Place I think this is a really good place to be in is it no don't stop pushing god damn spit the boxing in the frickin way are we gonna die. These guys are so bad at this game okay yeah. Yeah this is good thanks for your help help help there's no way now anyone is getting, us just don't push it outside dude stone oh no that you just became a zombie Oh thankfully we just blood no no, no no no no stop stop them no no no this is really Harlem it's really hard to push push no it's really hard to push now no it's really. Hard to push for us as humans because like we have less.

Powers than the zombies oh there's a human being Oh human being oh yeah I'm actually a little bored Oh rap oh whoa whoa whoa whoa Oh what. The hell is this he's shooting potatoes look at that everyone is on to him and motor 45 oh god he how is he still. Alive this is. How is he still alive I don't get this how are you still alive Harry how are you. Still alive dude dude dude okay okay time to time to save ourselves no no no okay you wanna mean alright I can just keep like and I can keep, one dude I have no problems you know with one goddammit can you just put it in there please so that nobody can enter this, place if you want to leave them you can leave then then then dude dude then then please then. You win then my old friend you left me alone can. We upgrade because I don't really know I have a score of 459 we'll see once this is done okay it, has started I got a push I gotta put it no no he's strong oh god he's so strong oh no no no aah these guys just keep. Freaking making me some be this guys just won't let me survive this is so sad okay so what's, going on in here oh that's a solid that's really solid oh wow did your dad I'm really sorry but you're dead I'm, sorry you can't run away there's not everywhere the rip sorry buddy this is life you know. Just just zombies you know it even being that yeah all human just got rekt oh whoa whoa what's, going on here this is really nice place to be in by the way nobody can touch, him in any way this is crazy we lost another round okay what, can you buy get two and written okay can buy a pill let's see what pill is I don't know what that is but like I I have I have white. Hairs now I'm I'm oh man now I don't really know what that means should mean something maybe. I'm more intelligent or something I don't know god dammit stop and for in this place you don't want everyone to be inside this, place you know okay so I'm gonna give him back up from here he's gonna stay there this looks. Good unless one of us becomes a zombie and I'm getting so many points. Like every second I live I get a lot of points look at these zombies trying their best but they whoa, whoa it's a zombie army right there are one dude can just handle them, anyways everyone is just trying to get in but it's not possible it's not just quit guys just just leave us alone you know we're just trying to party and. Chill well you guys want to kill us hey Dan then then then is Dan just got infected how you doing bro you're.

A zombie you're not my friend anymore look at my score is so huge I, have two thousand plus score oh great we just won yeah okay so I, can buy some stuff now um I need three thousand points so I can buy a potato gun of course I. Want to buy the potato gun whoa whoa this is awesome potato gun whoa whoa whoa whoa this oh there's a huge recoil that this thing gives okay, yep that looks good enough then what that no what the hell one of us just became zombie are you kidding. Me serious no this mine. God damn it okay push push push push come on come on we can do this you can do this I want more people yes yes yes yes yes come on push it come on guys you can do, this yes yes we're getting in cold yes yes yes we're getting in gokhan get, him get him get him yes yes that was awesome that was so cool we got all. Of them I didn't get anyone yeah I got I got a thousand scores so basically I got. A few people that was crazy that was really really crazy okay, so I got a stick this time around okay this is good this looks good to me at least let's see things too, right look at this dog oh it's really nice Oh whoa whoa whoa whoa no no no we cannot let you cannot let, this dude enter this place okay I can just stay in here that's it that's all I got to do easy life this is more of like, a puzzle if you could just make something that nobody can enter it.

And it's awesome look at me now these guys cannot even enter this place I'm just standing there and yep we want awesome I got three thousand points three thousand that's a, lot of points right there I can wipe the hair oh, I really want that dog okay let's just let's just keep moving this way. Let's hope we can get some more points hopefully none of us turns into a zombie now no na ha ha I was ah I. Knew this gonna happen losing points so quickly come on let just let me. Go God's sake oh god this thing is actually blocked to be honest how do I move this thing god damn it now. I'm blocked in my own self oh I just lost all my points like. A 3,000 point last time and now I just this is so unfair I think we're really fine in here no no. No no no we made such a big mistake God how's that dude so fast come on Nick come on Nick come on Nick Nick, no Nick Oh God you could have just whatever I just lost all my points, that's what I really hate about being a zombie Oh God I guess no God but anyways guys this was brain story, I hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure to drop a like if you guys enjoy these kind of videos and y'all, see you guys in the next one bye .