Alright what is up today we're going to play this awesome game cod brains doll I oh it's like an online infection basically which was pretty fun you know, like download anything so despite his stick and start so as you can see up here the outbreaks in like 40 50 seconds so we can. Push the car now I knew that and it's pretty cool to see that like someone actually takes their time. To make the theme that everyone like wants but no one's ever bothers make ya little, fish down yup he was on me over too much screwed gonna be right there I'll go myself infected real quickly let me. Kill that guard and push it so funny part about this team is that like once the infection starts happening a lot of humans. That like hide in like the, rooms and barricade them those zombies just start mobbing live and eventually like one part gives away a some work I'm so funny I'm catching up to clutter my god that guy's skills a surprise attack, he's over here i can get a double. Kill i guess he's running away all right i need to eat you got in putting fish the last like 40 people or probably be like stuck in a room see like, over there that's three of them, the loving survivors left and the chasing that guy looks like older still here nevermind the oligarchy in the survivors want we can buy another stick. Yes you know by that as well so I don't need to be a personality then everyone's, custom hiding here until the outbreak starts three strategic actually spoke like a CH game if you think about it I'll be eventually like some sides. Gonna fall either like we win and wait them out or we don't get that nice probably. Then come in benicia is getting these like when I outbreak starts because like you never know of any one of these people will. Like become wonderful Ombey so just in case lean on those people are so, I see you can tell like some guy would in the group and one of, those big groups was the zombie I mean I guess you're not coming i'm gonna reject, him and now old hair does on these icy aplusphoto not gonna last really long Oh work they're giving way if so I plan to be one of the first people infected here so I can get, more points though see a more. Zombies are crowning here 80 ran but no that guy's gonna come in no he's coming he's coming he's coming too far we're all gonna be infected no okay die so, let's basically how the game goes seven survivors left and i'm pretty sure you're over. It hello I was like 12 people holding this song and the survivors want again this time we have more points so we can buy, a baseball bat continue I go back the little kids oh I see the more you like buy, stuff the more your thing goes down so no more pointy out up more speed increases so I'm, just going to try this rat again because it looks, like there's gonna be more people but we one of them might be like the zombies will never know hold on you can.

Check their faces and see if they're going like be 1d infected hideous looking in yep that guy's gonna be infected run watch watch.

Them all get infected man everyone's evacuated trololo sure okay I'm affected keep on pushing. Everyone you just need keep on pushing yes we made it in not gonna affect everyone no I didn't get to them. I just 25 that's pretty good score the asian dude oh and everyone's gonna parade over here so he's one side is gonna have to. Give up soon just keep on moving and that that's going to move to I'd say our best shots that Anglo and, my push it down looking like some guy yeah see it's working and they're in and there's only three. Survivors left at 20 seconds only if I've really wow so my speed lowered. By so much I'm not gonna buy anything screw it that's a pretty strategic place does have much room but we don't have anything to barricade ourselves with except for. That chair you where I'm staying in there whoops they store stuff okay lets me touch that place is there anything, better to go besides the kitchen but the kitchens gonna give voice you know that room five four three two, one no let me in can't go in there screw it when I can get infected, by touching that person there we go now infect all, those people one know the doors closed trololo oh my god how long are they going like hold out or I like making a road yes we're going in hey we made it now there's the. Process of going, out everyone's actually stuck in here Wow okay apparently they have a plan over here or you're going to barricade that part, i see so i might stay in there i might stay in here what is this black please have a entrance yeah or we could barricade like this entire back place hi guys left out.

We need that chair yes I need to get infected thank you now we can, get them hi your time's up dude now I can get all those people over there either hitting it over a tear, I see we're just some guy right here he's running he's running away, screw it's not worth it we should get those guys over there too law some guy wanna. Gehen hope you want those last survivors how do you get there okay now i'm just gonna follow the least few people who were they will never find me in their perfect more. People have the idea going here this time oh my god just let us in ok those. Two are gonna be the first on these run I'm running no I'm cornered, ah I'm still alive oh my god i'm still life oh my.

God no see my scores going down lauder yours going to push the entire thing open Plus oh yes we did it we did it that was fun okay my scores like going.

Down by the second two survivors left where are they nope we lost okay so, that's pretty much it for now thanks for watching and don't forget to Like and subscribe. .